Play Dates and Social Walks

Mix and match Play Dates and Social Walks on weekdays to give your dog the fun and socialization that they love! We’ll pair your pup with compatible doggy neighbors for 30 minutes of outdoor time in groups of up to 4 dogs. Play Dates are available in select buildings and held privately at the on-premise dog run in order to ensure the proper socialization of all canines.

Single 3+ / weekly 5+ / weekly 10+ / weekly
Play Dates and Social Walks $20 $18 $17 $15
*Weekly pricing requires recurring schedule.

Solo Walks

Treat your dog to 30 minutes of one-on-one outdoor time with a Bark Buildings walker. Your pup will have our full attention and we’ll personalize their experience to make sure they get the best care possible. Feeding and special requests are no problem – we’re at your service!

Single 3+ / weekly 5+ / weekly
15 Min Solo Walk $18 $16 $15
30 Min Solo Walk $24 $22 $20
60 Min Solo Walk $36 $34 $33
*Weekly pricing requires recurring schedule.

In Home Sitting

Our In Home Sitting service is offered in 12 hour time blocks and give you the peace of mind of having a dedicated sitter and keeping your pup in the comfort of their own home. We’ll personalize their experience and go above and beyond to make sure they’re cared for while you’re gone.

Single 5+ consecutive
12 hours $85 $80
*Second Dog + $10/service

Puppy Potty Training

Housebreaking a dog requires consistency and frequent attention throughout the day. Puppy Potty Breaks are 20min Solo Walks (discounted in packs of 3) scattered throughout the day to help potty train your new puppy. Potty Training services are available for puppies up to 6 months old, or for newly adopted dogs that are yet to be housebroken.

Single 3+ / weekly 5 / weekly
3 daily potty breaks (20 min) $51 $45 $42
*Second Dog + $5/service

Obedience Training

Learn commands, techniques, and tips that will help improve your dog’s general obedience and your overall relationship with them. Our Bark Buildings Canine Specialist is a certified trainer and will teach you how to work on changing unwanted behaviors and reinforcing positive ones.

Intro Session (75 min) Additional Sessions (60min)
General Obedience Training $90 $60/ea
*Second Dog + $20/session

Fido Fitness

We’ve found the use of a flirt pole to be one of the most effective ways to stimulate and tire out high energy dogs. But if you have an athlete on your hands, you may want to consider a 3-4 mile distance run to get them the exercise they need. Each service is 30min long and flirt pole sessions are held at your building’s dog park.

Single 3+ / weekly 5+ / weekly
Flirt Pole Fitness - 30 min $25 $23 $22
Distance Running - 30 min $34 $32 $30
*Second Dog + $7/service

Cat Visits

We may be experts in playing fetch, but we’re cat lovers too! Each visit includes the standard duties of feeding, playtime, and cleaning the litter box… but we’re always happy to take on extra tasks like watering plants and taking out the trash.

Single 2 / daily 3+ / daily
30 min (cat) visit $23 $21 $19

Common Questions

  • How do I qualify for discounted weekly pricing?

    Just set up a recurring schedule that meets the minimum number of weekly services (on weekdays) and you’ll receive the discounted price. Don’t worry if your schedule changes, you can always cancel weekly recurring services in accordance with our cancelation policy. At the end of the week you’ll be charged according to the number of weekly recurring services you used during that week. Services on weekends and holidays will not count towards your discounted pricing.

  • What’s considered a single booking?

    Any services that are scheduled outside of a weekly recurring schedule or on weekends are considered single service bookings.

  • Do you accept same day service requests?

    Absolutely! A Bark Buildings team member is stationed at your property and usually available for last minute services. However, to ensure availability we request that you schedule your walk by 5pm on the previous day.

  • Is there a fee for cancelling scheduled services?

    Cancelling scheduled services is free, as long as you submit your request by 5pm on the day before your scheduled service. Services canceled after after 5pm on the previous day will be charged a $10 fee and services canceled on the same day will be charged in full. For In Home Sitting, cancellations must be submitted at least 72 hours before the day of your sitting or a $20 cancellation fee will apply. Cancellations submitted less than 24 hours before the day of your sitting will be charged in full. Cancellation policies for holiday services may differ.

  • Do you charge extra for services on evenings or weekends?

    Nope! There are no extra fees for services on evenings or weekends.

  • What days and times are services offered?

    Bark Buildings is open for service 365 days a year between 8am and 8pm, though in-home sitting services may run later. Social Walks, Play Dates, Fido Fitness, and Puppy Potty Break services are only available on weekdays between 8am and 6pm.

Still have questions? We’re happy to help! Call or text us: 844-822-3647