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Anna Service Coordinator & Dog Walker

Journal Squared

After a long, fruitful career as a Dental Assistant, I have decided to dedicate the next chapter of my career to pet care! I’ve inherited my love for dogs and all animals alike from my grandmother, who would often reminisce about her past dogs with me. We also had several dogs in the household when I was younger and living in the Philippines.

I’m lucky to have found Bark Buildings as I love what I do, and it doesn’t feel like work at all! In my spare time, I’m a huge bookworm. I also enjoy watching movies and playing my electric guitar!

Jay Area Manager

Jersey City, NJ.

Hey everyone, my name is Jay and I have been a professional in the pet care industry for 11 years now- and counting! In addition to various Management positions during my career covering all aspects of animal care, I of course was an animal lover from a very young age. I grew up surrounded by dogs and cats and knew this path was laid out for me from the beginning. Currently my world is run by my cats, Spock and Arlo 🙂 Prior to joining the Bark Buildings team, I was the Grooming Manager at a Luxury pet resort. Nothing makes me happier than being a part of the lives of happy dogs & cats!

Krystyna Community Manager

Jersey City, NJ.

Hello! I’m a Brooklyn native who now calls New Jersey home. I dedicated five years to animal health as a veterinary assistant, specifically receiving my training in dogs, cats, and exotic animals. Outside of work, my biggest hobby is grooming dogs and I plan to continue exploring new styles and techniques for all breed types. For now, I have the perfect doggy model to practice on – my own amazing pup Ross! I am truly excited to be part of the Bark Buildings team, and hope to build relationships with all of our doggy neighbors! 

Erika Lead Walker

Cast Iron Lofts

Hello, I’m Erika. I am a wife, mother, and dog lover! Since I was a kid I have always wanted to work with or around animals. After volunteering at a shelter for 2 years, I wanted to learn more and took a course to become a certified Dog Trainer – I love learning about dog psychology! I’m also a self-taught groomer and hope to one day own dog grooming business. I love seeing the before/afters of the dogs. Bark Buildings has given me the opportunity to not just walk dogs but to spend time with them, play with them, train with them, and socialize them – I look paw-ward to building a relationship with you and your pooch. 

MJ Lead Walker


Hey there! I’ve dreamt of working with animals from a young age…not sure if the love for them came from watching Animal Precinct on Animal Planet religiously or because my dad was a BIG animal lover and passed it on to me! Before Bark, I worked both at a doggy day care and as a dog walker for over a year. Eventually my goal is to become a wildlife Veterinary Technician! I’m loving the experience that working with dogs has brought me and I’m so thankful to be part of your community and your pups life.

Connor Lead Walker

Soho Lofts

Hello, my name is Connor and I’m a lifelong resident of the Hudson county area, born in Hoboken and currently live in Jersey City. I have 5+ years of experience in professional pet care service, not to mention a lifetime spent around dogs! My deep and unabiding love for dogs stems from the several dogs my family and grandparents had over the course of my childhood. I currently am not allowed to have dogs of my own, so getting to work with dogs all day is the next best thing for me!

Julia Dog Walker

Jersey City, NJ.

Bio Coming Soon!

Toni Dog Walker

Jersey City, NJ.

Hello, my name is Toni and I grew up in Jersey City. I left JC to study Graphic Design & Photography in Cleveland and got my Bachelors Degree. I started dog walking there and came back to Jersey with 4+ years of professional pet care experience on top of currently housing 3 dogs. My dogs are my world and I love teaching them new tricks and bonding with them. My dream is to one day own a doggy safehouse. There are so many older dogs in shelters that haven’t been adopted and I would love to take a couple of them in and give them the best rest of their life!

Cindy Lead Walker

Cast Iron Lofts

I’ve always been an animal lover but it wasn’t until my rescue pup Chase came into my life that my passion for animals was truly realized. Chase has taught me so much and continues to amaze me every day. Since adopting him, I have volunteered at shelters and rescues in whatever way possible. I’d been working as a Chemist for 10 years before joining Bark Buildings and I haven’t looked back since. I consider myself pretty lucky to get to spend time with different dogs and watch them grow and progress on a daily basis.

Ariella Dog Walker

Jersey City, NJ.

Hey there, I’m Ariella, a natural born animal lover! Born and raised in Jersey City, I am currently studying to earn my BS in Biology. One thing is certain, I want to work with pets. Since I was a kid, I have dreamed about becoming a Veterinarian, specifically for Big Cats, but there is a very special place for man’s best friend in my heart! Although I’ve never had any dogs of my own, I’m more than ready and excited to give your pups of Bark Buildings all of the love and cuddles!

Danielle Dog Walker

Jersey City, NJ.

My love for animals started at a young age and I always knew I would want to work with them as I got older. I’ve had dogs of all kinds, you name it I’ve had them, they are not just pets they are four-legged family members! I started walking dogs independently but am happy to transition into the Bark Buildings family since it gives me a chance to meet even more pups and have great coworkers that I get to see very day. You aren’t working if you do what you love!

Arati Staffing & Social Media Coordinator

Jersey City, NJ.

Hi, my name is Arati and I am an animal lover, nature enthusiast, and a lifelong learner. 
My deep admiration for dogs started when I was living in Vermont. I decided to foster my first dog and she taught me so much about patience, love, and how incredible the human canine bond truly is. I have been volunteering 5+ years for my local animal shelter – I simply love to support and promote the resiliency of these dogs. 
I am grateful to be part of the Bark Buildings community. I love meeting new dogs and plan to continue learning and growing within the pet care industry. 

Tracie Canine Specialist

Jersey City, NJ.

I’m a certified dog trainer with Catch Trainer’s Academy and have a Master’s degree in social work. I’ve had a lifelong love of dogs and started volunteering in animal shelters at 12 years old. Before Bark Buildings, I worked for multiple shelters and am also an advocate for animal welfare, working against puppy mills in the state of NJ and nationwide. Currently I have a two rescue dogs, Stella an ACD/Catahoula mix who loves playing Frisbee, and Tyrion, a Maltese/Yorkie who loves stealing Stella’s Frisbees.

Shannon Lead Walker & Service Coordinator

Columbus Towers

Loving animals came naturally to me from birth. I specialize working with canines of all breeds, but I also love and work hands on with exotic pets. I began studying forensic psychology and became nationally recognized as an NSLS honor student, but something was missing…dogs. It’s all the about the dogs! The empty gap has been catered to by 10 wonderful years of experience in pet care, but wasn’t filled until I started at Bark Buildings where I’m able to provide exceptional care to lots of incredible furry pals in Jersey City.

We believe our team is our greatest asset, and it’s our responsibility to help them succeed. From Dog Walkers to Community Managers, the Canine Crew is made of full and part-time W2 employees.



Each new team member receives extensive training, evaluations, and continued education and training sessions.



We pride ourselves on high standards and attention to detail. Less than 10% of Bark Buildings applicants make the cut.



All team members are carefully vetted through background checks, multiple interviews, and are bonded and insured.