• Where do you operate?

    We partner with apartment buildings located in Hoboken and Jersey City. To find out if we’ve partnered with your building, ask your management team or call (or text) us at (844) 822-3647. Think we would be a good fit for your building? Tell us here!

  • What are your hours of operation?

    Services are available 365 days a year between 8am and 8pm, but in home sitting service may run later as necessary.

    Our customer service hotline hours are listed below, but you can always contact your pet professional during a service by messaging them directly through the app. For urgent issues a manager is always on standby, just call us.

    Monday – Thursday // 8am – 6pm
    Friday – Sunday // 10am – 4pm

  • Are you insured?

    Yes! We are insured and bonded for the safety of you and your dog!

  • Do I have to lend you a copy of my key every day?

    No, Bark Buildings requires our clients to provide us with a copy of their apartment key. We keep everyone’s key on-site in a secure lock box.

  • Why do you need to be partnered with my building?

    Partnering with your building makes it possible for us to provide you with a higher quality of service and benefits that you won’t receive anywhere else. It’s why we can give your dog off-leash play time with their friends, accommodate last minute services, leave them surprise toys, or even pop in for a brief visit when you’re stuck at work late. It’s how we turn doggy neighbors into doggy friends!

  • How can I work for Bark Buildings?

    If you think you’d be a good fit for our team, we’d love to hear from you! Apply here.

Dog Qualifications

  • Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

    Yes. With the exception of puppies who are not yet able to receive all of their vaccinations, all dogs must be kept up to date. By accepting our terms of service you agree to keep your dog up to date on their vaccinations against rabies, parvo, bordatella and distemper. This is for the safety of all the dogs in our care, including your own.

  • Does my dog need to be neutered/spayed?

    We require all dogs over 6 months old to be spayed/neutered to participate in playdates and group walks, but we are happy to provide private services to intact dogs.

  • Do you care for special needs dogs?

    Yes, we are happy to care for special needs dogs and our staff is experienced in doing so! We just require that you give us detailed instructions on your dog’s care before we start services. If your dog requires extra special attention, we may recommend booking a solo service to ensure they get all the one-on-one care they need.

  • Do you care for dogs with behavior problems?

    Yup! Our team is trained to work with dogs that struggle with fears, reactivity, and other problems. During your meet and greet, you’ll be able to discuss the dog’s issues and pain points to make sure all parties are as comfortable as possible. In fact, many pet-parents have noticed improvement in their dog’s behavior after a period of time walking with Bark Buildings.

  • Will you care for my dog when they are sick/injured/recovering from surgery?

    Of course! We’d be happy to care for your dog even when they are unwell and help them get back to 100%. To allow for extra special attention and for the safety of other dogs, solo services will need to be booked until your pup is back in good health.

  • I’m watching a relative/friend’s dog for a while. Can you provide services for them too?

    Yes, not a problem! However, for their safety and the safety of other resident canines, guest dogs would not be eligible for group services or Monthly play dates.


  • Do you offer services on holidays?

    Yes! We offer services 365 days a year. On the holidays listed below, we charge a $10 holiday fee per service ($25 for in home sitting services) in order to properly compensate our employees for their time. For sittings, it will be considered a sitting if either the start or end time land on a Holiday. If you require services on a holiday, please request them as far in advance as possible to ensure availability. We recommend at least one week notice for walks and 3 weeks notice for in-home sitting. Observed holidays include: Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday), Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve (only from 6pm onwards), and New Year’s Day.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Cancelling scheduled services is free, as long as you submit your request before the deadline. For all services other than In Home Sitting, the cancellation deadline is 5pm on the day before your scheduled service. Services canceled after after 5pm on the day before the service will be charged a $10 fee and services canceled on the same day will be charged in full.

    In-home sitting services must be paid in full at the time of booking. If the In Home Sitting service is cancelled at least 7 days in advance, it will be refunded in full. For cancellations made within 7 days of the service the deposit, a $25 cancellation fee will be applied and the remainder will be refunded. In Home Sitting services cancelled less than 72 hours before their start time are non-refundable.

    For In Home Sitting services scheduled on any of the holidays listed in the FAQ above, or one day before or after any of these holidays, cancellations must be submitted more than 7 days in advance or the service is non-refundable. For all other services schedule on the day of the holiday, cancellations must be submitted at least 72 hours in advance or they will be charged in full.

  • How do I book new appointments or make changes to existing ones?

    Once you sign up you’ll have access to your online profile, from there you can easily book new appointments and change existing ones. For your convenience, you can also just send us a text to (844) 822-3647, and we’ll take care of it for you!

  • Can I book same day services?

    We will always do our best to accommodate same day bookings, but availability may vary depending on the walker schedule within your building. Please make sure to submit any last minute bookings by texting our hotline (844.822.3647) to ensure our Community Manager receives your request as quickly as possible!

Services and Grouping

  • Which service is best for my dog(s)?

    When choosing a service for your dog, it’s important to consider their age, energy level, personality, and health. From 15min potty breaks, to off-leash playdates and dog running, we are sure to have the perfect service for your pooch! For the best results, tell your Bark Buildings Community Manager about your dog and we will recommend a program that best suits your needs.

  • How many dogs do you walk at one time?

    Depending on the type of service you book, we walk between 1 and 4 dogs at a time. To ensure the highest level of safety and quality we never walk more than 4 at a time.

  • How far in advance do I need to book for House Sitting?

    We typically ask for two weeks notice when booking sitting services, but understand that sometimes it’s hard to plan that far in advance! The more notice we get, especially for bookings over 3 days, the more likely we are to have one of our stellar sitters available for the service!

  • Do I have to pay extra for the walks my dog goes on during pet sitting?

    No, each 12 hour in home sitting includes 60 minutes of walk time, which you can split up however you’d like. If additional walks are required, you’ll receive discounted pricing on any walks that are booked for the same dates of your sitting.


Our Team

  • Are your pet care professionals experienced?

    Yes! All of our walkers have either professional, volunteer, or extensive personal experience caring for dogs. To learn more about our team you can read their bios on our Canine Crew page.

  • Are your pet care professionals background checked?

    Yes, Bark Buildings conducts in depth background checks on all new team members before they are brought on board.

  • What is your walker training process?

    We take training very seriously! Each dog walker on our team goes through an extensive multi-day training consisting of theoretical and field trainings with a Canine Specialist and Community Manager. All walkers start out walking single dogs and slowly work their way up to more complex group services as they gain more experience and complete higher levels of training.

Still have questions? We're happy to help! Call or text us: 844-822-3647