I hereby consent to my dog’s participation in all supervised activities related to the Service(s) to be provided for my dog, which may include grouped activities. I acknowledge and agree that BarkBuildings, LLC. (“Bark”) reserves the right to determine whether or not such grouped activities are appropriate for my dog and to exclude my dog from such grouped activities when Bark determines it is in the interest of Bark, my dog or other dogs to do so.

In the event of an emergency requiring medical treatment for my dog, determined in the reasonable judgment of Bark, I hereby authorize Bark and its employees, and drivers, hospitals, licensed veterinary medicine providers, and their agents and employees to have access to the information contained in this form and to provide all medical care, routine tests, treatment, and necessary transportation advisable for the health and safety of my dog. This authorization includes the authority to consent to any x-ray examinations, anesthetic, medical procedure or treatment, and hospital care under the supervision, and upon the advice of or to be rendered by, a licensed veterinarian. While Bark will endeavor to have emergency medical treatment provided by the dog’s veterinarian, it is understood and agreed that the emergency may require medical care from the most readily available veterinary facility and if, in the reasonable judgment of Bark, such medical care is to be so provided, I consent to the same.

Release and Waiver of Liability:

I understand that attendance by my dog(s) to Bark Services sometimes involves group play or walking with other dogs. Although Bark staff will closely supervise all participants, I accept that play behavior, unknown or undocumented aggression, or participation in routine daily activities can lead to altercations and injuries. I assume the risks of, and responsibility for, the costs to treat any injuries my dog(s) sustains while playing at this facility. I further understand and accept that the owners and staff will not be held liable for any injuries or deaths related to my dogs’ participation in Bark Services.

In the event my dog contracts a communicable disease during the time he/she participates in Bark Services, I accept responsibility for the costs of all treatments. I also agree to withhold my dog(s) from participating in Bark Services until he/she has been free of any signs of communicable disease for at least 14 days. Although the risk of acquiring communicable diseases is small, I accept the risk, and agree to hold Bark harmless from expenses incurred for treatment.

I fully understand, and will not hold Bark, any of its agents, assigns, employees, or volunteers liable for any accidents, injuries, or any other unforeseen harms incurred at any time while my dog is participating in activities related to the paid or free Services, except in the case of gross negligence.

I have read this consent and understand that some risk always exists when groups of dogs are allowed to intermingle. I have discussed my concerns about such risks with Bark and have had my questions answered to my satisfaction.